Hey guys,

It’s definitely starting to feel like Fall and I can’t wait to get back in front of that camera for my own Fall Family Photo Shoot. So Exciting!!! Fall Sessions are by far my favs and I love the warm and coziness of them all. It’s absolutely to me the most perfect time of year for gorgeous scenery and perfect temperatures (Smiley face emoji). So are you planning to do a Fall session this year ? If not you definitely should and here are a few things to help you plan for it.


First, be prepared to invest. You must be willing to invest to get a good quality photo and photographer. Having a personal natural light photography session experience is definitely worth it and may change your outlook on your future sessions to be solely outdoors.

Second you must schedule with your go to family photographer .Who is that you may ask??? Well me of course :) But for some odd reason if its not me and someone else is your go to photog that’s ok too… but make sure you enjoy that photographers work to assure your happiness on your final product and experience.


Third, what’s the best time of day to take your photos outdoors??? Well that’s easy around sunrise and sunset will give you the best foliage and light for your beautiful family photo.


Next, lets talk wardrobe by no means am I a fashionista, so I utilize Pinterest to help with color coordination, C’mon who doesn’t love Pinterest. Here’s a board I often go to so I can guide my clients when they need a little extra help deciding on wardrobe choices or color schemes. https://www.pinterest.com/colleenphoto/what-to-wear-family-portraits/


Lastly, when you get your fall photos done utilize them well. I’m talking Holiday cards, gifts, canvas’ etc. After all the time spent on preparing and investing in your session don’t let those amazing images collect dust in that online gallery.Check out this cool memo pad one of my clients made. Showcase it and don’t forget to shout out your AWESOME Photographer as well.

So Until next post...

Stay positive, Enjoy time and Live for your dreams!!!!!


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