Ehhh...Where have I been ???

Hi There!!!

I have been very bad with not keeping up on Blogging these last few weeks I know ,I know but I assure you it is all for good reasoning.

One reason is, I always say I am a mommy first and I wanted to take some time to enjoy the last couple weeks of summer .I just wanted to enjoy my girls and in the midst of that I was able to photograph their end of Summer photo. They are so cute!!!

I can't believe either just last week our oldest started her journey into Middle school.Yes I said middle school.

Honestly I think I had enough nerves for the both of us but I know she will do great this year.

My Blogging should get an update atleast once a week now and when you see me post more than once, just know I had a good mommy week because my two youngest allowed me to have time to Blog . Oh boy how I miss having my helper throughout the day :(

So Until next post...

Stay positive, Enjoy time and Live for your dreams!!!!!


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