Family Session

I just adored working with the Gibson Family. The girls were just so sweet and ready to work that camera and the family poses were so great.

However before all that greatness happened lets talk about that heat, harsh light and an unexpected pour down of rain literally 1hr. before the shoot. Everything up until an hour before was moving smoothly kids were calm a little bit of over cast which is good for a natural light photographer during harsh light hours and NO RAIN!!!! Soon that all changed when our location spot had rain just coming down. All I could think is... really???

It was so muggy and as soon as I stepped out my air-conditioned van my glasses just fogged up. OMG!!! On the upside the Gibson's were ready to go, even on I swear to be the hottest day of the summer. So I started looking around and had to change areas in which I had planned photographing The Gibson's at. I located shade and waited for the sun to get behind a few clouds to shoot in the open.

At the end of it all we captured some amazing and memorable images for them, which I can say, was definitely worth it all.

So Until next post...

Stay positive, Enjoy time and Live for your dreams!!!!!



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