Social Media (wasting time or utilizing it?)


OK, so seriously sometimes I spend waaayyy to much time on social media personally when I should be networking through IG ,FB, Snapchat ,Twitter etc. I'm not even apart of all of these social media sites and I think good LAWD what if I were, then I'd really be up the creek with the amount of time I spend on them but my mind goes crazy and I get side tracked with scrolling .

One day I just thought to myself and said "self what are you doing when you are on social media ?" then it hit me . I'm not really utilizing my time wisely .I scroll through too many images of my photography crushes ,yes I said photography crushes .You know that person you look at their work and realize how ahhmazzing!!! it is and wonder how'd they get that image and I want to try the same thing . I have no shame and can only hope I'm someone's photography crush out there LOL !!! (no but I'm serious it's a HUGE compliment). ;)

Any who....on a business standpoint when you're on social media ,schedule that particular time to focus on just business. Heres's what I do each time I log in for social media business.

-Schedule how much time you'll be on Social Media for marketing

- Focus on making an effective post

-Tag ALL appropriate people regarding your post

-Reach out to those who have inquired about your business

-INVITE people to LIKE or share your page or to FOLLOW you (don't be afraid to ask)

So there you have it my top 5 things I absolutely have to do each time I log in before I start checking out photography crushes,recipes,IG stories etc. I know it's hard not to get drawn to something else while on social media but dedicate yourself to a few things to complete in a timeframe to assure your at least getting your business noticed before you watch something like this ......LOL!!!

So ENJOY and until next post...

Stay positive, Enjoy time and Live for your dreams!!!!!


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