Senior Session

Today I want you to meet Vinny Smith Jr. Football , energy and go getter are the words that come to mind when I think about this Photography Essence Senior.

Vinny is a Senior at James Monroe High School.He is also a football player and has been playing since freshman year. He absolutely loves football and will miss his practices ,games and teammates as the year comes to an end.

We met at a neutral location for his session and traveled together to his practice field and Downtown Fredericksburg early that morning. We got hyped on our way to our first location by jamming to Uptown Funk, talk about a pick me up I didn't need coffee then...

He was looking for a different look with his photos, so I was excited to play around with his images and absolutely love the outcome!!!

After high school, Vinny plans to join the military and looks beyond the sky to be his limit.

Best of luck to Vinny. I know you'll do AWESOME things after Graduation!

So Until next post...

Stay positive, Enjoy time and Live for your dreams!!!!!



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