Hi Friends!!! And welcome to the Photography Essence Blog!!! Yay!!! Finally, those were a lot of exclamation marks oh well it's my BLOG. LOL

Allow me to introduce myself I’m Pamela, and my husband Ryan and I are a photography team based in Fredericksburg, VA. We have 3 Ahhmazing!!! Girls that we absolutely adore .He loves Chinese while I on the other hand enjoy Starbucks Frappes to the fullest.

Honestly I was skeptical on starting a BLOG at first based on my last post but now I am so excited to write about our journey as photographers .In addition, every now and then we will have guest Bloggers and everyday life BLOGs about yours truly....wait for it "The Shook Family”.

We will chat about Social media, DIYs, Makeup &Fashion, Photography sessions, Mom stuff and more. If there’s a topic you would like to see just comment and I'll be sure to check it out.

Everything here will be based on our own personal experiences when it comes to business information .I'm not a guru on anything that I will post but I will stay honest on what seems to work and not work for us.

So ENJOY and until next post...

Stay positive, Enjoy time and Live for your dreams!!!!!


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